About Us

We help teams apply simple, common sense principles to organise and control their documents with software that is quick to implement and simple to use.

Here at Radix Software, we’ve been helping companies large and small do a better job of managing their documents since 2005. We’ve seen smaller businesses struggle with the complexity of enterprise content management systems and the huge overheads they bring. We’ve heard IT Managers’ concerns for the security of corporate data and networks when documents are freely synchronised over free cloud services. That’s why our document management software is focussed on delivering a practical user experience that helps organisations take control of their files quickly. With fileplan, our goal has been to bridge the gap between the ease of use and convenience of cloud based file synchronisation and sharing and the advanced control offered by traditional document management systems. Radix Software Pty Ltd is Australian owned and operated, based in Brisbane. Our products are used by a diverse range of organisations including law firms, engineers, mining companies, manufacturers, and government authorities.