Secure Access

Secure Access

Nothing is more important than the security and integrity of your documents and email.  fileplan addresses the issues of uncontrolled sharing of documents with a simple, robust system running on one of the most secure cloud platforms available, Amazon Web Services.

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Controlled access

Easily restrict access to teams or individual users right down to the Folder level.  Different teams can access different jobs or projects in the same Library.  Different teams can even work on different Folders in the same job or project.

No syncing

fileplan does not sync copies of your documents to each uses computer.  You can grant or revoke access to an individual user at any time.

SSL encryption

All data and files are transferred securely using SSL encryption.

Document encryption

All documents are  encrypted at rest in your Amazon S3 document store.

Data separation

Your business’ documents and data are stored separately from all others.  No documents or document metadata is stored in a common database or file store.

Robust storage

Amazon S3 offers a secure document storage system providing geographically redundant, high availability storage, built to provide  99.99% availability with no single point of failure.

Single point of storage

All documents are stored centrally in a single location.  Documents are automatically checked out to individual users when being edited to ensure the integrity of every document.

Backups built-in

Running on the robust Amazon S3 platform, fileplan replaces the daily hassle of backup disks and tapes with 99.99999999% durability. This means that if you store 10,000 documents in fileplan, you can on average expect lose a single document once every 10,000,000 years.